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Have you ever thought about the amount of exposure your skin goes through on a daily basis? On an average a person lathers themselves with 10 different layers of chemical filled cosmetics in a day. Makeup products contain harmful parabens and chemicals that adversely affect your skin resulting in clogged pores, skin irritation, accentuated wrinkles and pimples. Your skin is your largest organ and exposing it daily to cosmetic products loaded with artificial fragrances, aluminium and other toxic chemicals is never a good idea.

By making a simple switch to organic cosmetics you will not only be doing your skin a favor but you will also be saving the environment. How is makeup harmful for the environment? Should you make the switch to natural options? Here are the 10 benefits of organic cosmetics and why you should switch

Zero harsh chemicals

It is not a secret that toxins and chemicals are hiding in your makeup. Mascara, lipstick, foundation, eye-liner you name it. All of them have one thing in common, harsh chemicals that gradually make their way into your bloodstream.

Organic beauty products are made by using natural ingredients minus the toxins. The raw materials include oils and essence extracted from natural ingredients like vegetables, flowers and fruits. If you are having problems with oily or dry skin opting for skin friendly natural products would be the best decision.

Suitable for all skin types

Your skin is very sensitive and the chemicals present in regular makeup are harsh. Organic cosmetics come as a sigh of relief for people who have a hard time selecting the right product that suits their skin. Say goodbye to those days. No longer will you have to check to see if the product is a match for your ‘skin type’. Natural skin care products contain the goodness of nature and are safe for everyone. The enzymes present in them adapt well to any type especially if you have sensitive skin.

Easier on the pocket

Makeup is expensive. That’s a fact. The average cost of beauty maintenance by women in the US is appalling and that is minus cosmetic surgeries. The price points of all natural products are much less when compared with traditional cosmetic items. Expensive items don’t always guarantee a side effects free makeup experience. Organic skincare products are a great way of cutting down your expenditure. Not just that, these products give you long term, promising, results. Inexpensive and promising is the way to go!

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Eco friendly

Putting your money towards organic cosmetics are a great way of showing that you love and care for your planet. Unlike chemical based products, the organic ones are created with the help of ingredients that are grown naturally and have the ability to decompose easily since the packaging is also eco friendly.

Mainstream cosmetics not only harm animals and plants but the earth’s atmosphere as well. You will be happy to know that most organic skincare products are cruelty free and don’t harm animals through testing. Switching to organic will take care of your skin and the planet.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle

In this day and age we cannot take a chance with an unhealthy lifestyle. Sure you eat well and go to the gym regularly but what about all those harsh chemicals that are slowly seeping into your system through cosmetics? When it comes to organic everything is healthy, from food to skin care products. Even if the organic product you chose is not working for your skin, at least it doesn’t have chemicals that can potentially harm your immune system.

No skin irritation

Skin irritation is one of the most common complaints from avid makeup users. This happens due to the presence of chemicals, artificial colorings and fragrances present inside the product which irritates your sensitive skin. This should be indication enough for you to take a more nature friendly approach towards meeting your daily skin care regime. The absence of chemicals also guarantees no allergic reactions or inflammation making your skin healthier looking. If you still experience some reaction then it may be due to some non toxic ingredients like peanuts or strawberries that are easier to identify.

Promising results

While using your traditional skincare items the effectiveness varies. In the case of organic items all the raw materials are grown on land and contain much higher levels of antioxidants and vital minerals essential for your body and skin. The fact that all these plants used for this purpose are grown in soil free from chemical fertilizers makes it all the more pure and toxin free.

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95% of a single organic skincare product contains active ingredients whereas in non organic products this percentage dips to just 5 to 10%. This goes to show that instead of using the harshest chemicals on your skin maybe you should make the switch to organic products for better visible results.

Skin nourishing properties

Your skin has a thin protective layer that is susceptible to premature ageing as a result of exposure to the chemicals, resulting in dryness, fine lines and wrinkles. Natural products work in an opposite manner. They help with restoring your healthy skin and add some much needed nourishment.

Ingredients like vitamin E, coconut oil, berries etc are a few of the common ingredients largely used in the production of skin friendly organic items. Being a vital source of nutrients and antioxidants these ingredients are also famous for their skin repairing properties including stopping the skin from ageing. The organic and mineral rich products bring out and maintain the natural glow of your skin.

Lets your skin breathe

Clogged pores are a common dilemma shared by makeup enthusiasts. Loosely speaking it means that your skin is unable to ‘breathe’ and is caked under layers of chemical infused lotions, moisturizers and other products.

This causes pimples, black and white heads and skin tone colored bumps. You need to keep your skin from getting congested so it can be healthy and glowing at all times. This can be achieved by making the switch to all natural organically produced skin care items. They will not only clear out the dirt and oil from your pores but will also help in restoring the health of your skin.

Say hello to wonderful scents

You may have noticed an unpleasant stench coming from your make up box. This is not normal. Traditional makeup items are made by using strong chemicals as their primary ingredients. The stench may seem stronger for people suffering with asthma, migraines or sinus issues.

Organic cosmetic products carry a mild and real fragrance with their chemical free ingredients that last throughout the day. Some of the essential oils that are present in these organic items are also used for aromatherapy which has proven benefits like relief from stress, improved quality of sleep, better digestion and increased immunity. Instead of irritating — these scents are relaxing and in fact healing.

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Safest option for sensitive skin

People with sensitive skin often worry about the way these products might react to their skin. If your skin type is sensitive then you should replace all your makeup with organic options. No longer will you have to worry about itching, redness and allergic reactions. You don’t experience any side effects or allergic reactions because of the natural ingredients present in these organic products. In fact, most of these products help with skin repair! All the problems that you were initially facing can now be completely eliminated and you will experience a stress free skin care routine.

You won’t be hurting animals

Cosmetic companies do animal testing while choosing to introduce a new and untested ingredients in their products. This is done to assess the toxicity level or to determine how the product would potentially react on human skin. Sounds horrific? It’s in your hand to stop it.

By making the switch to organic cosmetic products you will be saving several animals from being subjected to these conditions. After all, animals are meant to run around freely in the wild. You can do your bit to save the environment and help in sustaining a pleasant future by making the right choice.

Contains Skin Healthy Ingredients

All natural organic makeup products contain no toxins or add on chemicals in fact it’s quite the opposite. The refreshing and unadulterated goodness of nature helps in long time boosting of skin health. Naturally occuring essential oils contained in these items like avocado oil, jojoba oil, shea butter or rosehip oil have several properties like antibacterial, anti inflammatory and anti viral.

Not only are essential oils a way to boost your mental health or relieve headaches and migraines, adding it into your skin care routine will leave you feeling naturally refreshed. The harsh chemicals are replaced with natural fruits and flowers pigmentation that also have antioxidant properties as well as essential vitamins and minerals.

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