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What’s makeup? What are heels? What’s hair on fleek? These are the questions that only low-maintenance girls will understand. We mean some of us may call them tomboys, others may just call them LAZY. But we just like to call it being low-maintenance. In this topic, we are going to teach you how to be a low maintenance woman!

Let’s start by saying that it definitely isn’t a bad thing to be a high-maintenance person, it’s just not…always ideal. However, it’s definitely not a bad thing to be low-maintenance. You do whatever makes you happy. But for those women who do consider themselves low-maintenance, they can’t be bothered with things like over excessive makeup, and making sure your hair looks PERFECT at all times. Here are some examples of things that only low-maintenance women will understand, which in turn, will help YOU to become more low maintenance.

Make Up.

A low maintenance girl thinks by putting on some mascara on your upper eyelashes that you’re wearing WAY too much makeup. When she walks into her friend’s washroom, she’ll see 4 makeup bags of products she’s never even heard of. Like, what’s the difference between concealer, foundation, and blush? And how the heck do you put on lip liner. If you’re looking to become low maintenance, learn to love your natural look. Who cares what other people think of your exterior? As long as you’re awesome on the inside, you’ll always be attractive!


The wardrobe of a low maintenance woman is awfully simple. Jeans, skirts, dresses happen only if she HAS to wear them for an outing or an event. Sweatpants were her go-to in high school but now that she is an adult, she has moved on to yoga pants. They are her everything. She wears them with a casual sweater, a nice jean-button down or just a plain t-shirt. Yoga pants are life for low-maintenance women.

Washing Your Hair.

We don’t mean to be gross here people, but low maintenance women don’t have to wash their hair all the time. In fact, people NOTICE when a low maintenance lady has washed her hair. By that, we mean low-maintenance women know that it takes a whole lot of effort to wash your hair on a regular basis. On top of that, it’s healthier for your hair to leave it unwashed for a couple of days. But when you do wash it, friends and family act like you just got it professionally done.


Staying with the hair point, the low maintenance woman doesn’t know any other hairstyles other than a ponytail and an occasional bun. Wearing it down sometimes is an option. But she typically prefers to stay with her simple, go-to hairstyle which is often a ponytail. Your take away point should be this– if you can rock a low effort hairstyle, then do it!

Business Attire.

As a low maintenance girl, you tend to find yourself in more comfortable clothing. So say you have a job interview, this is literally the job you’ve always wanted. You go in for the interview, and everything is perfect. But then, they hit you with the deal-breaker. Being a low-maintenance woman, the fact that the job requires business attire is a HUGE deal breaker. It’s too much!


Low maintenance women (like yourself) tend to have a couple pieces of bling that they like to wear and it’s the ones that they’ll most frequently be seen wearing. And honestly, there are some guys who would just love a low-maintenance woman because of this fact. You can’t be bothered wearing different jewelry pieces. That means you have your go-to earrings that you wear on the regular and your necklace that you wear all the time but that’s about it.

Going To The Mall.

As a newfound low maintenance woman, going to the mall is the biggest struggle for you. Your friends love going, in fact, they make it a hangout spot. Shopping means gal time for them. For you? Mall time only happens when you actually need to get something for someone or for an event…and you’re usually in and out. Quick and easy. None of this 3 hour shopping time.


Like the mall, the low maintenance woman that you are hates staying too long at the salon. Spending four hours at a hair salon is beyond you. You especially don’t understand how women do it every four weeks! There’s so much more you can do with your time and money. For you, washing your hair every few days is more than enough to keep it fresh and healthy. We’re sure most low-maintenance women would understand that.


If you’re not wearing wavy, baggy jeans and you’re forced to stick yourself into these constricting sausage casings, the low maintenance woman in you is going to scream. Skinny jeans are terribly uncomfy and you feel less “free” to be able to move and do the things you want to do. Occasionally, you will have one pair of your favorite skinny jeans and you usually pair it with more than one top so people think you have more than one pair.


It’s a well-known joke that girls in Starbucks like to order a very fancy drink that no one understands where on earth they got it from. Being a low-maintenance woman, you often feel like you’re the only one in there who doesn’t order an overly fancy drink. We mean you are all about that black coffee life or at worst a double double.

Getting Ready.

People are pretty shocked that it only takes you 20 minutes MAX to get ready and hit the town on a girls night out. But then when they see you, they are even more shocked. You typically go for an all natural look, so it doesn’t take you much time to get ready and look THIS good. Low-maintenance ladies can attest to that.


You never understood the concept of sleeping in “cute” pajamas. We mean, wouldn’t you rather be comfy and wear XL pajama pants and a shirt? What’s the point of wearing tight tops and tight pants and not feeling comfy? Low-maintenance ladies are all about the baggy shirt and comfy boy shorts.

Wearing Shirts You Slept In.

Speaking of pajamas, if you are a low-maintenance woman then you might have (at least once) worn the same shirt you slept in, out the next day. Nothing wrong with that, why not have a shirt that you can use for multiple purposes right? It’s comfy and you just don’t want to get out of it!! Also, if you’re late for work, changing clothes can be very time consuming.


Shaving your legs can be an entire process that requires way too much effort. So if you’re wearing cropped yoga pants or jeans with holes in the knees, you fully know the trick. The trick is to just shave the areas that are showing. No one would suspect a thing and you save a ton of time and energy. Works like a charm.

Changing Bras.

Changing up the bra could change your mood…especially if you don’t like change. Being the low-maintenance girl that you are, you probably went through an entire week wearing the same bra! We mean, what’s the point of changing it? It doesn’t smell and they’re so darn comfortable!

The Same Outfit.

This plays into our “not getting changed every day” part of the list. If people didn’t see you wear the same outfit, then you actually didn’t wear it. If you know you won’t be seeing the same people you did the day before with the outfit you wore, you have no problem wearing it again. We mean if it’s such a nice outfit, what’s the point of changing it up…especially if no one saw it. And no photos were taken…

Don’t Buy Name Brands.

One of the best things you can do to be a low maintenance woman is to avoid name brands like the plague. If they work for you and you have the money sure, but true low maintenance women know that something from the dollar store works just as well as the $100.00 make up that you find at Sephora.

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